Gavin Kentch has experience in all areas of civil litigation, in state court, federal court, and administrative agencies. He previously worked for a well-regarded civil firm, Feldman Orlansky & Sanders, and clerked for the presiding judge of the busiest civil court in the state. Gavin may be able to help you bring a lawsuit, or determine if you have a viable case in the first place. He has handled cases ranging from $2,000 contract disputes to a $51 million commercial litigation case that was the largest compensatory verdict in Alaska state court history.

Numerous attorneys, from solo practitioners to established firms, have also hired Gavin to assist them. This may involve anything from performing short-term emergency research to drafting dispositive motions. In addition, multiple attorneys have engaged Gavin to write their appellate brief to the Alaska Supreme Court, following entry of a verdict in trial court.

Sample firms that Gavin has worked with include:

·      Ashburn & Mason P.C.

·      Gilman & Associates LLC

·      Hozubin, Moberly, Lynch & Associates

·      Law Office of Eric Sanders

·      Law Office of Gregory S. Parvin

·      Law Offices of Joshua Fannon

·      Law Office of Tim Petumenos

·      Pope & Katcher

·      Ross, Miner & Bird, P.C.

·      Royce & Brain

·      Werksman Jackson Hathaway & Quinn LLP (local counsel for Outside firm)