Gavin Kentch specializes in what happens after a criminal conviction: merit appeals, sentence appeals, applications for post-conviction relief (PCR), and other forms of post-conviction litigation. This is a specialized area of law, which many superb criminal trial lawyers have no experience in.

There are deadlines that govern when you must file something following a criminal conviction or initial appeal. These deadlines are important and inflexible. Missing a deadline can mean that you completely lose the opportunity to appeal your case. If you or a loved one has recently been convicted at trial, pled guilty or no contest without going to trial, or has recently lost an appeal, it is imperative that you contact an attorney who specializes in post-conviction litigation to discuss your next steps and preserve your rights.

Gavin has extensive experience with criminal post-conviction litigation, both in state superior court (PCR cases) and in the Alaska Court of Appeals, Alaska Supreme Court, Fifth Circuit, Sixth Circuit, and United States Supreme Court (certiorari stage). Several Alaska attorneys have hired him to consult on their post-conviction criminal cases. He has achieved evidentiary hearings in multiple PCR cases. He has handled more than twenty appeals.